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 Irving Belin  Product Information
Interview with ASCAP charter member, Irving Berlin (White Christmas, God Bless America, Easter Parade). Clive Davis interview, "What You Should Know About Chord Voicing", "A Flair for First Lines", Nashville's Dewayne Orender "Two Careers Working Hand In Hand". More Info
Item code SW7805
SKU/EAN Berlin, Irving
Price $7.00
 Jim Weatherly Premier Issue  Product Information
The premier issue of Songwriter Magazine featuring Jim Weatherly, the writer of Midnight Train to Georgia, Neither One of Us, and many others. More Info
Item code SW7510
SKU/EAN Weatherly, Jim
Price $7.00
 Jimmy Webb  Product Information
Interview with Jimmy Web (Up, Up and Away, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, McArthur Park). Interview with Motown's Karen Hodge, "Composing From Chord Progressions", "Poetical Terms for the Lyricist", Interview with Nashville keyboard picker, songwriter, producer and record executive, Larry Butler. More Info
Item code SW7603
SKU/EAN Webb, Jimmy
Price $7.00
 Jingle Business Special Report  Product Information
ASpecial Report on the Jingle Business, with Tony Asher and Tom Bahler, an L.A. jingle writing team, who explain how they, and the jingle business, work. Songwriter Interview-Steve Karmen, the jingle King (Budweiser, General Tire, Michelob). Warren Zevon - advice of what not to do. Oscar winners Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn analyze the Bee Gee's Stayin' Alive. More Info
Item code SW7811
SKU/EAN Jingle Business
Price $7.00
 John Lennon: A Tribute  Product Information

January/Feburary 1981 John Lennon: A Tribute

More Info
Item code SW8001
Publisher Lynx Media, Inc.
Price $7.00
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