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Jingle Business Special Report
Jingle Business Special Report
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ASpecial Report on the Jingle Business, with Tony Asher and Tom Bahler, an L.A. jingle writing team, who explain how they, and the jingle business, work. Songwriter Interview-Steve Karmen, the jingle King (Budweiser, General Tire, Michelob). Warren Zevon - advice of what not to do. Oscar winners Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn analyze the Bee Gee's Stayin' Alive.


Inside The Jingle Business

Excerpts from Songwriter Magzine

They call the business of writing and producing words and music for commercials the “Jingle Jungle.” With good reason. The competition is often ferocious, the pressure to produce – and fast is great.

But the rewards can make it big bananas for the best. Though the top jingle writers are tight-lipped about their earnings, it’s industry knowledge that the seven-figure jingle deal has already been consummated (hint: the company who make it sells lots of hamburgers).

How to get started as a jingle writer is one of the areas covered by Tony Asher and John Bahler in their everthing you wanted to know type article, which kicks of our special look at the Jingle Jungle. Regarded as one of the West Coast’s top jingle-writing teams, they make trustworthy guides.

So does Steve Karmen, the fields biggest star, who plies us with information on his “hits” and other details of the jingle business in a freewheeling interview.

And… for all of you who want to know how not to keep your foot in the door once you’ve put it there, we’re happy to present Warren Werewolves of London Zevon, who opens up about hi short-lived career as a jingle writer for Boone’s Farm Apple Wine.

To top it off, we’ve assembled a little quiz to test how close you pay attention. In the one-minute productions that interrupt your favorite TV shows. And why not? For at Songwriter: We give you that little bit extra.

Uh.. Steve… can you spare a melody?

-Rich Wiseman



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