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John Lennon: A Tribute
John Lennon: A Tribute
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I am pleased to announce, on the 30 year anniversary of John Lennon’s death, the release of Songwriter Magazine’s special John Lennon Tribute double issue in PDF format on our website. The whole 72 page issue is dedicated to John Lennon, his music, his life, people in his life, and yes, his genius. This special issue was created just a few months after his death.
Editor Rich Wiseman wrote “It tears at my heart that our long-intended tribute to John on these pages has to be a tribute after the fact of Dec. 8, 1980. John Lennon was one of those oh-so-rare artists who could be trusted up there in the crow's nest. He envisioned, he defined, and he committed his observations and notions to song with awesome, pioneering honesty and humanity. His art and life, in fact, is a "must" textbook for songwriters. A book where you'll find great hopes amidst the great hooks, visions inside the verses. Sure, you can write the safe songs for the Top 40, but if you really want to matter as a songwriter (and, thus, ideally, as a societal mover), you'll set higher goals ... the kinds that John Lennon set”
Staff writer Barry Alfonso wrote “Lennon’s commercial impact was enormous. In the Beatles era. 20 of his collaborations with Paul McCartney reach No. 1 on the American Charts. In the 70s his chart success continued with such solo offerings as Instant Karma (We All Shine On), Give Peace A Chance, Min Games, Whatever Gets You Through The Night and the classic Imagine ... despite a five-year music biz hiatus. That hiatus ended with the release of his and Yoko Ono’s “Double Fantasy” LP, containing John’s single, (Just Like) Starting Over. At the time of the original publication of this issue, both the LP and the single reigned as No. 1, familiar Lennon Turf.
Also in this issue are “Writing With Paul: Excerpts From The Playboy Interview in Januay 1981 and reprinted with Playboy’s permission. John talks about his collaborations with Paul McCartney and the stories behid several of their most memorable songs.
Harry Nilsson was closely associated with John Lennon. Jilson shared his memories – and outrage- with out editors.
Academy Adward songwriter’s Al Kasha and Joel Hirchhorn discuss John Lennon’s songwriting styles – it’s a must read.
And the issue contains The Final Interview – and interview with John and Yoko  just hours before his death.

And a lot, lot more. Get your issue today




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