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Bee Gees
Bee Gees
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The Bee Gees Interview (How Deep is Your Love, Stayin' Alive, Jive Talking), Interview with Warner Brothers Music President, Ed Silvers."Psychological and Emotional Impact of Words", "What the Fledgling Songwriter should look for in a recording contract, Nashville's Clarence Selman-"All Wirters Learn from other Writers", Composition-"The Diminished Seventh Chord".

Excerpt from Songwriter Magazine

"On September 1, 1946, a musical dynasty began . son Barry was born to the Gibb Family in England. The trio was completed in a single stroke when on December 22, 1949, the twins . Robin and Maurice, came wailing into the world Robin's first cry was probably slightly higher than Maurice's and with a bit more vibrato, but on God would remember if their voices, together with Barry's, formed perfect three part harmony right out of the starting gate. I would like to think so and suspect that' the way it was."

"We arrived at the home they were renting in Beverly Hills and were ushered into the living room to meet Barry and Robin. Maurice was held up on the set of "Sgt. Pepper" for a few more takes, so we went ahead with Barry and Robin.

"Appropriately, they served a spot of tea and, as were filling our cups, I commented about how delighted it made me when I saw Barry's subscription to Songwriter come in the office.

"What happened," Barry explained, "is I walked into a recording studio in Montreal and saw the magazine and thought, "What a great idea!" Actually, I've very much enjoyed reading about how other writers go about writing their songs.

I also commented that I had read in Rolling Stone that Robin said, "Nobody ever asks us about our songwriting. Some people don't even know we write our own song."

"That's true," Robin stated. "BMI named us songwriters of the year in 1976 and yet the Playboy Magazine poll didn't mention us."

"We've never been mentioned as songwriters in the Playboy poll", Barry adds, "which confuses me. They named an artist in that poll who hadn't released product in over two years and although I respect that artist enormously, how can you represent the past year of recording if you haven't released product.

"Since Jive Talkin', we've had three platinum albums with all our own material, have had hits with our songs by other artist, but our songwriting has never been mentioned in that poll"


Some of the hit Gibbs songs, at the time of the interview incuded:

New York Mining Disaster 1941
I've Gotta Get a Message to You I started A Joke
Lonely Days
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Jive Talking
You Should Be Dancing
How Deep Is Your Lover

Also included in the issue:

" Publisher Rap. Interview with Ed Silvers, President of Warner Brothers Music."

"The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Words: by Paul August

"All writers learn from other Writers" by Clarence Selman of the Nashville Songwriters Association.



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